Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Good morning my pudding puffs. Blogtober14 is finally here!

I've no idea if I will be able to stick with this, but I hope so...

Day 1 prompt: If you won the lottery you'd...

...Immediately want to put it onto my budget sheet to see how rich I now am. GOODBYE DEBT.
I would literally pay off my overdraft and student loans, then put the rest aside. I know that may be a little boring...

Winning the lottery doesn't automatically make people a millionaire. What if I only won £10? The prompt does not specify an amount...but, for arguments sake, lets say it's one of the big ones, and suddenly I'm thrust into millionairedom.

If I Won the Lottery I would:

  1. Pay off my debts.
  2. Buy a house. Or two.
  3. Plan an amazing holiday (because that's half the fun) and take my nearest and dearest. 
  4. Buy a car - I sort of have a car, but I've a feeling it will end up costing me a lot in repairs as it's so old! A new car would be nice.
  5. Go on a holiday with Mandrew.
  6. Go 'Glamping' at a festival. ALL of the festivals.
  7. Buy a personal trainer.
  8. And a nutritionist.
  9. And my own home gym.
  10. Plan a holiday...
  12. Including all the books. 
  13. And a library to put them in.
  14. Invest in something up and coming. Or several up and coming things
  15. Buy mum and dad a NEW JEEP.
  16. And that motorhome they've been looking at.
  17. Get some banging tattoos designed.
  18. Moar holidays. To everywhere.
  19. Also, savings. ISA's and the whole shabang.
  20. Basically, do everything and see everything.
How exciting. Now I'm off to the shop to get me some lottery tickets...

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