Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hair Chronicles, Vol #2

Here we go again! It's getting more and more complicated to find all of the pictures from all of my hair colours/styles...but I've given it a go. 

2011 - Brunettey 
To refresh, ended 2010 with brown hair, and I was looking to give my hair a rest on the bleaching front...about damn time after a hard year of constantly bleaching it! 

this year I more or less had 2 haircuts, and let my hair grow out. Yay for healthy hair!

2012 - So. Many. Colours.

In the space of three months I went from brown, to purple, back to brown, then back to purple again. (yes, that is me dressed as a cow.)
I also grew out my hair, in the last pic you can just about see how long it got!
please excuse the bad quality photos...

Then of course I had a haircut and bleached it again...and grew it again...then went blonder and cut it all off...again...
Then I decided I wanted white hair...Again. which worked great for Halloween!
There can't be many more changes to my hair, right? Noope. 

I then decided to go post box red and then had to cut my hair again because...you guessed it...it was dead again.
Pink hair is one of my favorites, I was quite happy to let the red fade out to a pink!

I am quite sure I was almost every colour in the colour spectrum this year. Or at least thoroughly covered the 'reds' part of it!

Check back soon for Volume #3 . . .