Thursday, 12 November 2015

Goodreads Challenge Check-in

As you're aware from my book reviews, I've been doing a reading challenge this year. I also started a Goodreads reading challenge to coincide with the Popsugar challenge. I set a target of 55 books to be read this year - approx a book per week. I think usually, reading at the rate wouldn't be a problem for me. However, some of the books that were suggested for my work book club were incredibly long (The Count of Monte Cristo - I'm looking at you...) so they took much longer to read than just 1 Week...pushing me behind schedule. 

Progress thus far:

With 7 weeks left of the year, I have 25 books to read to complete I'd need to be reading 3.5 books a week! That would be possible, if I stuck to short, easy-to-read books. Though bookclub interferes with that plan so...we'll have to see how I get on. I'm not likely to review all of the books I've read this year, but I'll try to get a couple of good ones posted!