Sunday, 14 July 2013

My New Personal Trainer...

I seem to have acquired a personal trainer.

She has been on at me for a while about losing weight, and moaning at me about weigh-ins and reminding me that my holiday is coming up.

She broached the subject of food diaries which we are now doing every day.

Today she forced me to do a workout (30DS) even though I was tired and wasn't really up for it.

She has also decided that we will now be drinking green tea as it is good for you.

As well as all this, she informed me that when I get a job I will be buying Shakeology/protein shakes for us and doing more workouts.

She also lives with me.

My (not so much) Baby sister has transformed into my own personal demon!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life and other stuff

Officially moved out of uni and finished all education! finished with a 2:1 which was a very awesome surprise!

So, as you can imagine I've been very busy with packing and moving and working. I got a job that started as soon as I moved back home, doing door to door selling. Now, I was a bit dubious about doing this but decided to give it a go anyway and hey - exercise, right? I lasted a week, left on friday. Not something for me, I believe you need to have the gift of charm and likability to do door to door, as well as being able to not take it to heart when people say no to you all the time and slam the door in your face. Its a hard, draining job which I didn't feel was for me, but I do admire those who stick to it.

Now I am an unemployed student, one of many! Hoping things will pick up soon.

One downside of quitting is missing out on the exercise I was getting. To rectify this, I have started doing the 30 Day Shred again! I'm doing this with my sister, alongside food diaries to keep track of what we are eating! The last time I did 30DS was in February, just before I hurt my ankle and ceased all exercise for a while. The next couple of weeks are going to be a strict regime up to my holiday (soo excited) and I'm hoping to lose a significant amount!

Holiday Countdown: 14 Days