Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hair Chronicles, Vol #2

Here we go again! It's getting more and more complicated to find all of the pictures from all of my hair colours/styles...but I've given it a go. 

2011 - Brunettey 
To refresh, ended 2010 with brown hair, and I was looking to give my hair a rest on the bleaching front...about damn time after a hard year of constantly bleaching it! 

this year I more or less had 2 haircuts, and let my hair grow out. Yay for healthy hair!

2012 - So. Many. Colours.

In the space of three months I went from brown, to purple, back to brown, then back to purple again. (yes, that is me dressed as a cow.)
I also grew out my hair, in the last pic you can just about see how long it got!
please excuse the bad quality photos...

Then of course I had a haircut and bleached it again...and grew it again...then went blonder and cut it all off...again...
Then I decided I wanted white hair...Again. which worked great for Halloween!
There can't be many more changes to my hair, right? Noope. 

I then decided to go post box red and then had to cut my hair again because...you guessed it...it was dead again.
Pink hair is one of my favorites, I was quite happy to let the red fade out to a pink!

I am quite sure I was almost every colour in the colour spectrum this year. Or at least thoroughly covered the 'reds' part of it!

Check back soon for Volume #3 . . .

Monday, 8 September 2014


I spotted Blogtober14 challenge over at Heleneinbetween and decided to give it a go. I've never blogged everyday before, so this should be interesting! Is is cheating to pre-write and schedule posts? hmm....I think that would be a yes. Having prompts for each day should make this easier, though some of the questions require some thought!

Helene in Between

Grab the button form Helene's post, (or copy from above) and join in. It will be fun - and gives me something to do on the train home from work every day!!

Here's the prompts:


Friday, 5 September 2014

Hair Chronicles, Vol #1

For those who dont know, or those who have never seen me now and again over a period of time; I have a tendancy to change my hair a lot. I really mean A Lot. There aren't many hair colours I haven't been. I saw a post on Briar Rose Blog about Briar Rose's hair story. Isn't her hair amazing?! The post got me thinking about all of the hair styles and colours I've tried on over the years, and I thought it might be fun to share them - the good and the bad...Enjoy!

Apologies for the AWFUL editing...
It all began with a highlighting kit. At the ripe age of 13, I wanted to have highlighted hair. In the pic you can just about see my natural hair colour peeking out underneath! I clearly did not do much styling with my hair back then. Although, that is exactly the same as now in 2014 so...clearly that hasn't changed!

2006 - I have no idea.
I cant find pics from this year sooo....no idea what my hair was like. I think I had stopped highlighting it and was letting it grow out after cutting it a couple of times...

2007 - Big Change

The little devil in the corner is Sisterbell way back when
This is the year I dramatically went from luscious bra strap length brown hair, to an inverted bob, which I then convinced mum to dye black for me. Perfect for the summer...In the second pic above you can see the bob had grown out a little, but you get the jist!

2008 - Sudden Curl Attack 
After the hassle of straightening my hair for a long while, I decided to give up on that (mostly) and let my hair do its thing-both with growing and with curling. My hair always had a natural wave to it, this is the first time I realised how curly it can get! Regarding colours, after the black hair - which I kept up on and off for a while, I became fond of a med-dark brown. I think the med-dark brown was actually faded black hairdye...shhh don't tell anyone. I think the curlyness was due to my hair being a bit happier with some more nourishment!

2009 - Do your thaang
Long black hair & the beginnings of my backcombing stage!
This year I let my hair grow out, was black haired, then did some hair modelling and ended up with violety-black and copper hair (which I loved); and experimented with a full fringe. I was really getting into changing my hair up and trying new things. Being full-time at college helped, I had more freedom to do whatever I wanted with my hair, and it didn't matter. Unless we were performing, occasionally bizarre hair was a problem.
More from 2009 - left to right: hair for a dance show, full fringe and growing out, side fringe & growing.

 Almost to the end of 2009! Left to right: Lopped off my hair, growing, and growing!

By the end of the year it was just a bit longer than my shoulders!
FunFact: 2009 is also the year I met Manfred :)

2010 - Attack of the Bleach
Well, this year I decided I wanted white hair. I had dark brown hair at the beginning of the year...There may have been some damage to my hair after multiple bleachings...

Okay a LOT of damage. As in full on chewing gum hair...
I attempted to go red, but the hair was so damaged it couldn't take on the colour (the colour pigment just came right back out of the hair folicle) sooo it was pink. Which I loved...however my workplace didn't! Oops. You can see how bad the condition of my hair was on the end of my pigtails on the bottom left pic above.

I MAY have attempted to cut my own hair without success, and had to go and get my hair cut, it went from very long and dead, to very short. Then I dyed it brown to give it a chance to recover...
Yay! Happy new year rice crispy cake!
Volume #2 will be up soon! Just as soon as I find some more pics...

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September Plans

Following my August Round Up, I wanted to share some of the plans I've got going on this this month.

A big thing for me and MrBoop is our plan to dramatically cut our spending. We are trying to save but both of us are spendthrifts, so I suggested the cunning plan of cutting out all of the little spends that add up over the month. Then by Christmas we will take a look at what we managed to save. Good times. I'm thinking of starting a feature based on this - 'Frugal Friday' - so that may be popping up in the near future.

Things to look forward to in Sept:
1: Sisterbell starting college
2: Visit to BFF land
3: Organising BFF spa day
4: Eurogamer
5: Loads of monies because I was so good at saving...

I'm hoping to post about all of the above (excluding Sis going to college) so I should be popping up a lot more this month!

Monday, 1 September 2014

August Round Up

I wrote a huge post on my way into work this morning but it didn't save :'(

August is over!  It flew by! We're heading into the last few months of the year, and Christmas is on its way. It's official. I saw christmas stuff in shops last weekend. Now I'm just waiting on the CocaCola advert.
August felt really busy, there was a lot going on!

August summary:
Week 1:
The month kicked off on a weekend, with a pool party at a friends house. It was not pool party weather, but we did it anyway. Typical me ended up with an awful cold afterwards. It was my brother's birthday at the beginning of the month, so I spent time with family having a take away and watching films. Good times!
The weekend was well recieved. I spent time with the usual suspects, went for a walk and hung out with some friends.

Week 2:
Work was busy, as usual! By Thursday I was more than ready to head down to Pip's for her birthday. Had a really busy weekend: party no. 1, go karting, party no. 2, riding, running, and a day shopping and sightseeing in London before heading home. I was exhausted!

Week 3:
Woo bank holiday weekend! I was really hoping for a nice relaxed weekend, but of course, that wasn't the case. I had a whole load of stuff to get done on saturday, including cleaning my bike with the intention of cycling to the train station for work. I also had to bleach sisterbell's hair as she had been bugging me to do it for a little while...I was also pulled into an impromptu shopping trip, which was tiring! Then there was a house party, which I was designated driver for... ended up staying up super late and dropping a couple of people home. I was glad to be home on Sunday night - after a cinema trip. I was looking forward to relaxing on the Monday, and I took sisterbell into town so she could pick up some running kit, and I could grab a cycling helmet. Of course that turned into a massive fail, as this is when the neck incident occurred. Ouch.

Week 4:
Great start to the week, couldn't move, couldn't work and went to A&E. Awesome. Ended up being off work until Friday, when I went in armed with the tablets I was prescribed at A&E. By that point my neck was starting to feel a bit better. (Yay!)
MrBoop and I were house sitting for a friend on friday night, then headed out on another imprpmptu shopping trip on saturday. Back to the friends house we house-sat the night before, for a gigantic barbeque. By gigantic I mean lots of food. Seriously, loads. That was our last hurrah to summer. I finally got a chance to relax on Sunday.

Goodbye August!

Hello September...