Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September Plans

Following my August Round Up, I wanted to share some of the plans I've got going on this this month.

A big thing for me and MrBoop is our plan to dramatically cut our spending. We are trying to save but both of us are spendthrifts, so I suggested the cunning plan of cutting out all of the little spends that add up over the month. Then by Christmas we will take a look at what we managed to save. Good times. I'm thinking of starting a feature based on this - 'Frugal Friday' - so that may be popping up in the near future.

Things to look forward to in Sept:
1: Sisterbell starting college
2: Visit to BFF land
3: Organising BFF spa day
4: Eurogamer
5: Loads of monies because I was so good at saving...

I'm hoping to post about all of the above (excluding Sis going to college) so I should be popping up a lot more this month!