Monday, 5 August 2013

New Start, Again.

Back from holidayland! wooo! But of course, now I have to face facts and lose the holiday weight, as well as the rest of my weight! The good news is I lost half a stone before going, but put it back on again. Hopefully it will be relatively easy to drop it off again!

Started the 30 Day Shred (again!) and have made a tracker which is proudly bluetacked to the wall along with a weight tracker. Have also taken before pics, and will be taking after pics, when I finish it! (Which I will this time! I WILL!) Doing this with my sister/personal trainer ;) who is very strict. Mostly.

Food diaries are back in effect as of today, and healthy eating will commence!


I have my graduation in October, and am planning on looking a lot less like a marshmallow. A ton of clothes and dresses waiting to be worn is another reason to stick to this. Also, I don't like being this big! It will change! IT WILL. The End.

I'd like to get running too, but I think I'll need to work up to that again. Most definitely. In the heat though...may end up dying!

I'm gutted that swimming is so expensive, had a blast in the swimming pools while on holiday! Would love to swim regularly, I'd have a better chance of sticking to it if it were cheaper and easier to get to!

To conclude, I'm restarting 30DS and food diary, and I am going to be thin. One day.