Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Empties Challenge - November Edition

Month 2 of my empties challenge and I think we've done okay this month! (even though this is a really late post!!!!!)

1: So...? Enticing Bodyspray

I received this in a 3 pack as a Christmas gift. It's taken me a while to use it, but it is a product that I use on a semi-regular basis, especially in the summer months! I like the scent of these - even if they make me think of teenagers and tweens. As it's an aerosol, the spray is always cold and refreshing. The scent is sweet and fresh.

2: Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo

I was drawn to this shampoo because of the lack of parabens and colourants in it. Plus it was new and I wanted to try it out! When using it, I loved the scent, and it foamed up nicely in my hair. I did fee like it wasn't cleaning my hair as well as a normal shampoo, but once I had become accustomed to using it I didn't have a problem with it.

3: Herbal Essences Naked Volume Conditioner

Did someone say silky? No? Well, my hair is! I like this conditioner a lot, I have quite dry damaged hair, and this conditioner felt like it was working wonders on it. I like the scent and the way it makes me hair feel afterwards.

Voila - that' what I managed to empty in November. I won't be doing a December empties post, but I will be continuing these in the new year!