Saturday, 28 February 2015

Winter Bucket List Recap

The end is nigh...

Winter is coming to a close, and with it I have run out of time to complete my winter bucket list
Therefore, it's time for a recap!

1: Try a recipe from my Clean Eating Recipe book!
I did not complete this, at all!
2: Run the whole of a 5k (no walking breaks)
Nooope. Didn't happen

3: Post 3 book reviews (1 a month seems achievable!)
Man, I have not done much on this list at all...

4: Plan a trip
YES. I did do this! (1 out of 4 so far...) I have planned my Scotland trip, and Ireland trip. Both are booked! 

5: Lose weight over Christmas and New Years
I maintained my weight over Christmas and new years...nope doesn't count.

6: Have enough saved up to move out
I moved out, so I think this is a tick.

7: Clear out/tidy up the pile of stuff in my room
Yes - I did this when I moved out

8: Dye my hair one last time before the end of December (NYR to come involving this...)
Yes I did this - and I have stuck to my New Years Resolution of not dying my hair ever since...I am beginning to show some roots now

9: Fit back into some of my old clothes
No, did not complete

10: Do something awesome for my birthday
My actual birthday was very low-key, but I did do a couple of things - one of which was going to see Wicked which was pretty awesome, so that is a yes.

Final verdict: 5/10 completed!

All in all, not too bad. I would have liked to done the book reviews and recipe but there we go...there's always spring! 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


It has been a busy few weeks. I feel like since we moved, I haven't really had the chance to stop and chill out. Not that I have found the time now, I was feeling guilty for neglecting my blog again so I'm cramming in some time to post. Since my last post, I had a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day, saw a musical, travelled home a couple of times and had A's mum, aunt and uncle over for a week while they cleared out the house.

My birthday and anniversary are on the same day, shortly followed by valentines day. (Lucky me, I get spoiled!) I didn't do very much for my birthday until the weekends following, but I got some lovely gifts and cards on the day, as well as cake!

Andrews mum, aunt and uncle came down on my birthday, and we suddenly had a very full house. While they were there clearing out the house, we tried to keep out of their way.

The weekend following my birthday (while A's family were still at the house), we met my bff and her partner halfway between where we live, and where they live and went for lunch. This turned into going back to theirs and staying the night, which was fun. On the Sunday we went for a long walk with her greyhounds, had lunch, then Andrew and I said our goodbyes and headed to the cinema. 1 film later it was time to drive the 2 hours home.

I had my first work bookclub on Tuesday evening, which if the empty bottles of wine have any say was a successful evening. Yay me - it was kind of my idea so I was pleased it went well!

Andrews family stayed until Wednesday. While it was nice to have them over, it was also nice to have some time to ourselves again.

Friday I was at a German beer evening with work, many a stein was drunk (I had 2, so actually not that many).

The weekend came around, and we were busy saturday morning with the charity that had come to pick up a load of stuff. Saturday evening we went to see Wicked - and had use of the VIP lounge. Thank you Andrew! The show was amazing. Despite knowing the big thing that happens before the interval, it still gave me goosebumps!

Sunday we went on a long walk through awful mud - I slipped over in it - then visited Andrews family before having dinner and watching a film with mine. Back late again on Sunday evening.

That has been my life - around working - up until now! Hope you have had a good couple of weeks...I plan to be posting more regularly so I should be popping up again this week!

Happy Tuesday...

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

23 Things About Moving Out

Andrew and I moved out on the 31st January, it's been 10 days and things are going well. Sooo with me being me, I made a list of things I've learnt so far about about moving out...
Also, I may be jumping on the blog list bandwagon a little bit. Oops.

Here we go...
  1. Moving out is exciting.
  2. You realise how much stuff you actually own.
  3. Packing is hard work.
  4. It makes you think about all the clothes you never wear.
  5. You start to think about how you're going to survive after moving away from where you have lived all your life. 
  6. Seriously. So. Much. Stuff.
  7. Where do boxes even come from? And why are they so expensive??
  8. Moving in is messy.
  9. It takes forever to unpack.
  10. It's awesome to finally move out with your long term partner
  11. Living with one other person, who works odd shifts means you are in the house all alone sometimes...which isn't always that fun.
  12. Housework is harder than it looks
  13. It takes a long time to heat up a house
  14. ALL the stuff.
  15. Unpacking takes forever. I haven't even moved all of my stuff here yet and I have still been unable to unpack a small portion of my things.
  16. Moving out is expensive.
  17. There are always a million things to do around the house, and millions of lists to go with them
  18. Living with people at uni is not like living with your boyfriend full time.
  19. It's really nice to come home to your boyfriend and spend some time hanging out.
  20. Finding homes for all your things is both laborious and a little bit fun.
  21. Moving a sofa through a small door, and around into another small door is quite difficult.
  22. Compromise. Get used to doing it fast.
  23. Running a household is a very 'adult' thing, but when it comes down to it, you still feel like a kid playing house from time to time.
Voila, a list for you to feast your eyes upon!