Monday, 18 March 2013

So Far So Good...

first weigh in of the 18 week plan and I've lost 2 pounds. All is going according to plan! Big yay.

Hoping I can keep it up. I really want this. I want to look good, and feel good about myself.

I have such narrow clothing options at the moment because I look awful in everything. Not something that would make anyone feel good about themselves. But hey ho.

I'm looking forward to summer arriving, by the looks of things dungarees and overalls are in for spring/summer. I quite like dungarees, they're quirky.

Friday, 15 March 2013


I have fat feet. I was taking pics of my ankle to see if it was still bruised and swollen from spraining it last month and I have feet that just look awful. Fat lady feet.

So unattractive, and look horrible in shoes, which are a love of mine.Gutted.

Super sleepy after a mega library session that lasted all evening and night, and being awake all day today too.

I need to get rid of my cankles before my holiday. no flippy flops for me otherwise.

Speaking of my holiday, I bought a swimsuit last year which is 50's style, red with white polkadots. This was a tiny bit small when I bought it, but totally wearable. I want to be able to fit into this comfortably. that may end up being half way to my holiday, but that's okay because I can wear it swimming while it fits and hopefully end up with it being too big for me by my holiday! I will of course mourn the loss of a really nice bathing suit, however being too small to wear it will overshadow any sad feelings by a long shot.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Stress, life, update

Hello world!

About time I did a proper blog rather than a random pictures one, or no blog at all!

I've been SO Busy recently. Shows, Uni work and my job all coming before health and fitness. But as it's my third and finial year I hope you'll forgive me.

Super stressful couple of weeks, of course that meant that I've found it really hard to eat healthily. Binge Binge Binge. After tomorrow I will be past one of my biggest deadlines EVER, for better or for worse, so I am hoping to get back into a good healthy routine.

I have 18 weeks until I go on holiday. My aim is to hit 180 pounds by then, I estimate that will be 1-2 dress sizes. Exciting, right? New (old) wardrobe time! All I have to do is lose 2 pounds a week. I need to stay focused and GET IT DONE.

Speaking of getting it done, I have an assignment to finish.