Friday, 15 March 2013


I have fat feet. I was taking pics of my ankle to see if it was still bruised and swollen from spraining it last month and I have feet that just look awful. Fat lady feet.

So unattractive, and look horrible in shoes, which are a love of mine.Gutted.

Super sleepy after a mega library session that lasted all evening and night, and being awake all day today too.

I need to get rid of my cankles before my holiday. no flippy flops for me otherwise.

Speaking of my holiday, I bought a swimsuit last year which is 50's style, red with white polkadots. This was a tiny bit small when I bought it, but totally wearable. I want to be able to fit into this comfortably. that may end up being half way to my holiday, but that's okay because I can wear it swimming while it fits and hopefully end up with it being too big for me by my holiday! I will of course mourn the loss of a really nice bathing suit, however being too small to wear it will overshadow any sad feelings by a long shot.