About Me

This is me. HI!

I'm Becky, writer of Becky Boops Blog. I'm in my twenties; living with my partner; and attempting to succeed as an adult. ALL the big scary grown up things!

BeckyBoops started out as a secondary blog for my Health and Fitness blog on wordpress, but about the clothing and fashion-y side of things. The more trivial side of getting fit I suppose. This evolved into talking about other things as well, like commuting and books. I decided to run with it, and voila; BeckyBoops was born - a lifestyle blog. Specifically, about my lifestyle.

What can you expect to see? 
Anything. Books, random natterings, reviews, work, all sorts of things I'm interested in. Also, more than likely, there will be the occasional crossover with my health & fitness blog.

PS: If you are more interested in just the health and fitness side of my life, head over here: bekbek19.wordpress.com