Friday, 21 December 2012


Hokay...this is all the clothes I have currently at uni (excluding any in the washing basket!)

I know its a huge mess, but there are 3 piles here.

Top right are clothes I cant fit into at all.

The back centre are clothes that I can get into, but really do not look nice on.

The front and centre pile are clothes that I fit into, but could do with fitting better. 

(there is also a very small pile off to the left of the photo of clothes that fit) 

The front & centre pile comprises of short term goals-items that could do with maybe a half stone loss to fit properly again. 
Once these fit, it's the turn of the back centre pile, and then the top right pile.

At home I have a huge amount of dresses, tops, jeans ETC that don't fit, while I'm home I may attempt to sort through these like I have here and identify some short-term items that I'll aim to fit into the next time I go home. I already have a few items in mind-mostly dresses-for this purpose.
It will be lovely to rediscover lost clothing! And to actually be able to wear it again!

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Happy Holidays!

Monday, 10 December 2012

14 days until Christmas

I definitely think I still look the same, despite having lost 3 pounds. Then I suppose 3 pounds isn't very much when you think about your whole body mass. 

I'm beginning to think that I wont be able to see a physical difference until I've lost more that 7 pounds. which I could do by Christmas.

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