Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My self-care list

No-one likes being ill, or feeling run down or unhappy - including me! I'm off work due to illness today, so I thought I would cheer myself up a bit and come up with my self-care list.

1: Stay Snuggly

I love to sleep. Especially when it's cold and horrible outside, and my bed is warm and comfortable! If I have to drag myself out of bed, I'll pull on a warm onesie and curl up somewhere comfortable.

2: Relax

Spend some time doing nothing. Chill out and read a book, journal, write, anything. as long as it's nothing too taxing.

3: Binge-watch a series

Switching my brain off and watching every episode of friends or another TV series feels soothing and indulgent. I have nothing else to do right now, I'll watch 10 episodes of fictional characters please!

4: Hot beverages

If I'm feeling up to it, going to a coffee shop for a hot chocolate with a book feels great. It stops me going stir crazy after being cooped up in the flat alone. If I don't want to go anywhere, I always have a plethora of different teas and hot chocolates to choose from at home, and a giant snuggle mug to go with it.

5: A long shower

I love a long, hot shower. It clears my head and feels divine - especially when coupled with some great smelling shower gel. I feel all fresh and new afterwards.

6: Fresh Pajamas

Clean and comfortable pajamas. Need I say more?

7: Comfort food

This is a bit of a controversial one. comfort food can mean a lot of different things, for me it's usually something warm and delicious. Something savory, or something sweet mood depending! I'm trying to move away from comforting myself with food, but here it is anyway.

8: Chat to someone

Be it my other half, a friend, or anyone. Having a chat makes me feel less alone, and moves my focus away from feeling sorry for myself,