Monday, 25 February 2013

Photo spam!

Enjoy some random photo spam! :)

This one makes me laugh :) 

Saturday, 2 February 2013


I wanted to post about my goals, hopes and aims. And moan a little.

I want to be slim and healthy.

I'd love to be a dress size 8 or 10.

I want to look good.

I want to feel comfortable in my skin, and not worry about being too big all the time.

blah blah moan moan you get the picture.

I am going on holiday at the end of July, so I have just under 6 months to get an acceptable beach body. 168 days! 24 weeks. I really want to do this, I would love to have holiday pictures I can look at without being too embarrassed to look at. I don't want to hate how I look any more.

I hate that weight loss takes time. It gets me down because I feel like I'm working hard and not getting anything back from it. It's irritating that it isn't instantaneous. I want to be skinny NOWWWWW not months down the line!

It's hard work, especially hard when all my close friends are super skinny. TIRED of being the fat friend.

So now I've moaned and vented a little I'll get round to posting about specific goals at some point. hope your ears aren't bleeding from my whining. Enjoy.