Thursday, 14 March 2013

Stress, life, update

Hello world!

About time I did a proper blog rather than a random pictures one, or no blog at all!

I've been SO Busy recently. Shows, Uni work and my job all coming before health and fitness. But as it's my third and finial year I hope you'll forgive me.

Super stressful couple of weeks, of course that meant that I've found it really hard to eat healthily. Binge Binge Binge. After tomorrow I will be past one of my biggest deadlines EVER, for better or for worse, so I am hoping to get back into a good healthy routine.

I have 18 weeks until I go on holiday. My aim is to hit 180 pounds by then, I estimate that will be 1-2 dress sizes. Exciting, right? New (old) wardrobe time! All I have to do is lose 2 pounds a week. I need to stay focused and GET IT DONE.

Speaking of getting it done, I have an assignment to finish.