Thursday, 2 October 2014

#BLOGTOBER14 - Day 2

Helene in Between Blogtober

Today's prompt:
 Dream job when you were little/what is it now? 

I have no idea how many Dream jobs I had when I was younger. At all. I was always changing my mind and one day I might decide one thing, and another it will have changed again. they range from huge things to seemingly mundane things, maybe not dream jobs as such, but jobs I remember wanting. 
I've listed those that I can remember!

  1. Writer
  2. Journalist
  3. CEO of a company (I don't know what company...just A company)
  4. Musician
  5. Dancer (Ballerina, obvs)
  6. Teacher
  7. Hairdresser
  8. Beautician
  9. a Personal Assistant
  10. Secretary
  11. Receptionist
  12. A leading actress in a big musical theatre production
  13. Burlesque Performer
  14. Costume designer & maker
  15. Theatre Manager
  16. Makeup Artist - Stage make up in particular
  17. Expert in special effects make up and prosthetics
  18. Stage Manager
  19. Deputy Stage Manager
  20. Lighting Designer
  21. Singer
  22. Professional Book Reader (that's a thing, right?)

That's about all that I can remember! 

Now for the more difficult part - What is my dream job now?

I don't know is the honest answer. I have no idea what I want to do anymore! 
I was always really set on theatre and being involved in that in some way (which you may be able to tell from the list above!). A huge part of me still wants that, and want to go touring with a company and get involved in behind the scenes at festivals. However, I have also started to explore writing, and I feel like that should be given a good chance. I don't expect to get anywhere from it, but it's fun. 

I suppose writing is more of a hobby I'm beginning to take up at the moment, which does include blogging. 

Therefore, a theatre-based role - preferably backstage - seems like it might be the one. Then again the hours are all insane. Perhaps this is something I should think about doing now while I'm still young, then move into a different area as I get older and want more routine. 

Maybe I can somehow combine the two - writing and theatre - reviews perhaps? Or a little of both and lots of the other?

I've no idea, this is just how I feel about it today, who knows what I will think about it tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow for day 3 of Blogtober14 : One Thing You Cant Live Without

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