Sunday, 12 October 2014


Helene in Between Blogtober

Day 12
Best Advice I've Ever Been Given

Don't eat yellow snow?
Sorry, that joke was in bad taste... See what I did there?

I genuinely don't know what the best advice I've ever been given is. I guess a lot of the advice I received from my mum growing up was invaluable - if only I had listened at the time...

It's important to listen to advice from others. Especially from someone who has been through whatever it is they are advising you on. On the flip side of that, your decisions on big things should always be what is best for you.

Leading on from that, the best advice I have to give - which I have received in the past - is:

Sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish and think about yourself and what you need.

You can't always live for other people and for making other people happy, it doesn't work. You end up exhausting yourself and having zero energy to give. Occasionally taking that step back and asking yourself 'Actually, is this what's best for me and my needs?' is absolutely necessary.

I have a tendency to go along with whatever other people want, and to let them make decisions. I am working on speaking up and expressing my needs and wants in my relationships. A big part of this is saying no to social events that revolve around food. I am a bit of a food addict, so I really struggle with saying no when there are options to eat the unhealthy foods I love in front of me. And no, it isn't as easy as 'just order a salad/fish/[insert healthy option here]' because that option is not always available. This is an area in which I am trying to improve by following the advice above, and suggesting other things to do instead of going for a meal or having a BBQ.

An example of following this advice, I cancelled plans to see Mandrew this weekend because I'm so ill I can barely move. I haven't been this ill in a while and I hate it! Painful throat & chest & head, and zero energy. It's helping me to stay at home and get better, but also helping him by not subjecting him to my germs.
On the plus side of having this bug, I have plenty of time to blog and read blogs...

Tomorrow's prompt: 
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