Thursday, 16 October 2014

#BLOGTOBER14 - Day 16

Helene in Between Blogtober

Day 16
Fall Fashion

I'm just going to post about my standard fall outfit, bottom to top. Enjoy!

  1. Shoes: In fall I like to grab my boots out of their summer hideaway - you'll find my pink or silver Doc Martens making an appearance
    The pink are exactly the same, but pink. Bought from Amazon £70

These are perfect with some warm thick socks

2. Trousers: Jeans. Skinny or bootleg, whichever fits and is most comfortable!
This fall I am favouring the boot legged jean, not skinny jean pictured. Bought from New Look £14.99
3. Tops: I live in T-shirts at the moment. I like slightly baggy, comfortable t-shirts with something on them. for example, my t-shirt that has chuppachups all over it
Bought from Primark £6.00

4. Jackets: I have a favourite hoodie that I like to wear - it's comfortable, warm and overall full of awesome. My Ravenclaw hoodie purchased at Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.
Yes, I am a Ravenclaw. Pottermore told me so. Bought from Warner Bros Studio approx £35

5. Scarf: I have a blue infinity scarf with black hearts on it that keeps my neck warm in the cold, but is light enough to not be too encumbering. 
Mine is a lighter blue, with black hearts. Bought from New Look £2.00 on sale
6. Jacket: I have a purple waterproof jacket from mountain warehouse that keeps me dry in the lovely wet weather we have been experiencing! This jacket was the one I bought in March to go up Ben Nevis in. It's been around!
Bought from Mountain Warehouse approx £25 on sale

Put it all together and that's my typical look this season.

I apologies for the lack of links to products on this post, pretty much all of my clothes are quite old or bought on sale and therefore are not easily available anymore.