Friday, 31 January 2014

De-clutter My Belongings Phase #1

Last night my mum was surprised to walk in and find me cleaning my makeup drawers. It was well overdue, and as discovered with my nail polish clear out, I had a lot to throw out!

I'm glad I did go through it all because the drawers were so full of stuff that I wasn't, and will never, use. As well as discovering some lost treasures! (Like my unopened, unused Benefit mascara...) I've tidied it all, reorganised, and cleaned the drawers out. Wooo

I'm intending to keep on top of this, and try to use up older makeup before going onto the new. Elsewise it will all just build up again!

If you have read my new years resolutions post, you will already be aware that one of my resolutions is to de-clutter my belongings. Therfore, my next job is to condense the drawers to fit all of my brushes into them, instead of having a box of brushes elsewhere because they don't fit. Also, to clean my brushes. Some of them are pretty gross at the moment! Shh, don't tell anyone...

I still can't believe how much I threw away... It was like a mass makeup grave...