Thursday, 2 January 2014

New years nails

Twas the night before New Year, and all was in chaos. All were getting ready, even the mouse.

Doesn't quite have the same magical feel to it...

Anyway, I just wanted to write about my glitterazzi new year nails. For Christmas I got some super bright nail polishes, so I decided to wear these, and glam them up with glitter polish. I'd seen a great nail idea on pinterest a little while ago where the nail tip was glitter and it looked like it had traveled up the nail and dispersed (So lots of glitter at the tip to barely any at the cuticle). I wanted to give this a go, with my own brightly coloured twist-using my Christmas nail polish, and silver glitter polish.

So I did my nails all pretty and put a dense silver on the tips, and a sparse silver on the rest of my nails. It looked pretty cool.
As it turns out, the silver nail polish had gone off, leaving me with rotten smelling fingertips. And glitter that dried all weird and lumpy. Of course, by the time I'd realised this it was too late and I was already at the NYE party...Oh well...