Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Risk Worth Taking & Silent Revenge by Laura Landon

Two books by the same author. Figured it would be worth writing about these together! Also, SPOILERS ALERT! Only some, and only things that I found obvious.

The genre this story firmly sits in is historical romance. I quite like this genre, it's all old world-y and very different from today's society. Reading in this genre transports me into a whole world of different society values and expectations.

A Risk Worth Taking

I was unsure about what to expect from this novel. I liked the sound of the synopsis and the reveiws were mostly OK, so I thought it was worth a go.

The story focuses on our hero and heroine, and is told from both of their perspectives. First we meet our hero, an ex-intelligence officer who is guilt ridden, has a hero complex, and a drinking problem. (developed while trying to forget his guilt). This self hated comes up a lot through the book, and if it weren't for the antidote of our heroine's monologue, it would be very tedious. Griff has been avoiding his family (Griffs brother and his wife & children) for fear of old enemies from his intelligence days. His only friend is killed suddenly, leaving him quite distraught and torn over his friends last words "look after Annie". (This also adds to Griffs pile of guilt and tips him into drinking oblivion).

Our heroine-Anne-is left destitute after her brothers sudden death. She has a younger sister to support and no means of income. She does not wish to marry, as her parents had an unhappy marriage due to her father being a drunkard. She does not wish to end up like her mother-trying to make her husband love her, failing, then dying (we assume of heart break/losing the will to live). However, her situation is dire and she can't see any other solution. The distant cousin who claimed her brothers lands and title offers her the only solution possible. This character is the villain. The reader knows this from the offset due to the way Anne interacts with him. His solution is marriage to him, as the only way to survive. That is, until dear drunken Griff arrives with a different offer. An offer to come and stay with his brother and his brother's family for a season so she can select a suitable husband.

Griff becomes more and more involved with Anne's selections, being rude and overbearing towards all of her suitors. As the reader, we can decipher that it is because he cares about her. However he will not admit it. I won't explain the story further, as I wouldn't want to give it away!

I enjoyed reading this and finding out if the predictions I had made were correct (usually they were) and I liked the way the characters interacted. 

I wrote this review while on the train.
Then lost it when I accidentally hit the back button when jolted. So annoyed, had to re write everything!!!

Silent Revenge

I got this novel for a discounted price when I bought another romance on my Kindle. I recognised the artwork on the cover and checked to see if the author was the same as the above book. It was, so I decided to get it as I liked the first one I read.

First and foremost, not very impressed. It's the same basic storyline as the other one. Strong male with hidden past, some sort of illness making heroine look after him breifly without him knowing, a villain who wants something from the heroine&hero, who is involved in the same thing as the villain in the previous book...You see my point.

Having said this, there are some interesting twists to the story. The heroine's two secrets, for example. That part was well done, even if Jessica did go on about it in her internal dialogue...There were some well planned out parts of this, but it was like the two books were an entity with the same DNA, arranged differently. I do feel as though the author has a basic template for these storys and threw in different situations and characters.

Despite all of this, I still enjoyed reading it. Perhaps when I come to read my next Laura Landon's novel I'll make sure I havent recently read any others!

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