Monday, 3 February 2014

January in Reveiw

Well, January was both excruciatingly long (while waiting for payday to roll around) and flew by. A month into 2014 already. I decided to do a monthly Reveiw of my goals and achievements to keep myself on track for my resolutions and other goals.

1. Lose 2 stone minimum by July
2. Pass my driving test
3. Be more responsible with money
4. Look after my skin
5. Declutter my stuff

1. Lost a couple of pounds, you can read about this here
2. Started driving lessons again just after Christmas, working towards passing it!
3. I made a financial plan, however this month was difficult as there were the devious January sales! A work in progress.
4. Kind of been doing this, but can definitely improve it with Moisturiser.
5. Made a start, nail polish and makeup went first! Much more to do on this though.

January achievements:
-Finalised a holiday: going to Scotland for a week to climb Ben Nevis
-went to the gym at least once a week (obviously this needs to improve, but I'm impressed I have actually been going)
-This one isn't my own achievement, but I'm proud none the less; my sister applied to college (I helped ;) )

It was a busy month, I feel like I didn't stop!  The crazyness will no doubt continue through Feb, especially as it's 9 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY. Just saying. :D

Things to look out for in Feb:
-My birthday
-Matilda the Musical
-Harry Potter Studio Tour
-lots more books

And to round off my list making, here's my February goals:
1. Book my driving test
2. Go on 2 hikes
3. Save, don't spend

Enjoy your Monday!