Sunday, 16 February 2014

Birthday Post

I am now 22. My birthday was on the 12th Feb (last Wednesday) and I really did not do a lot for it. I was sick as a...sick thing. So I was off work and bored out of my mind! The day was not very eventful, everyone was away at work\school so I pretty much just chilled out all day feeling ill.

The 12th Feb also happens to be the anniversary of when me and my wonderful boyfriend got together. This year is the 5 year mark, wows. So, being a wonderful boyfriend, A came over with a bunch of red roses just for me :) we hung out for a couple of hours watching TV, then he headed home.

Once my family were all back, we had my takeaway of choice (chicken kebabs) and watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Then FINALLY it was time for cake and presents. My dad made my birthday cake, it was yuuummyy.

I received some lovely cards and presents, the two main presents were a Nexus 7 from the best boyfriend ever, and a SatNav from my parents-sounds a bit random, but this is an awesome present because I am currently doing driving lessons and I would have been looking to get one in a couple of months anyway! Thanks mum and dad :)

At the weekend me and le boyfriend went to see Matilda the musical, enjoyed it sooo much! I would recommend seeing it. On Saturday I went for a meal with some friends at Chimichanga on Saturday night. On Sunday I went on a hike to train for BenNevis. You can read about my hike soon on here: BekBek

As of now I'm still ill, and hoping to fell better ASAP. I've had a great weekend and enjoyed my birthday despite feeling unwell.

Here's hoping for a good week of work, gym and getting back to normality!