Friday, 2 January 2015

Hair Chronicles, Vol #4

Hi all! 

This is the (actual) final Hair Chronicles post. Then you'll be all up to date with my hair history just in time for the New Year...

Catch up:

2014 - A year of Length

As you know, I entered 2014 with dark purple hair. I was fond of this, so it stuck and my hair grew.
I even went up Ben Nevis at the end of March with purple hair.

After a little while I let it fade out, and felt the itching need to dye it again. I was really torn between going light, or going dark. What helped me make the decision was having already made the decision to grow my hair, bleaching it would more or less reverse that process by killing my hair. So dark it was.

I stayed dark through the summer, and just let it fade out to a dark brown. Then I got bored again and decided to play with some bleach...and used it on the ends of my hair. and then just left it to grow...and grow...

Oh, and I also had a haircut for the first time in months and decided to get a full felt soooo much healthier after I got it cut!

I got bored with the colour again and spontaneously picked up a ginger hairdye. It faded pretty quickly, but I have since dyed it the same colour again & had a second haircut - just a trim! 

The ginger-ness really didn't come out well in pictures. I promise you it is quite ginger now. A good Auburn kind of ginger!.

Now for the final, current hair colour on my ever changing noggin:


Now, this colour is particularly significant. If you have ready through all of my Hair Chronicles posts, you have a very good idea of how much I like to change my hair. I have been set a challenge for 2015, I have to go without dying my hair for a year.

So you see, this brown colour is - approximately - the closest to my natural hair colour. It will be my hair colour for the next 365 days as my actual hair colour comes through. I'll be sure to update on this challenge as is progresses...

The challenge was given to me by Pip, who I'm sure will be there to enforce the challenge when I get tempted!

Thanks for reading all of my waffle about my hair, let me know if this was interesting? More like this?