Monday, 26 January 2015

5 Days and Counting

Move out day is in 5 days. Fiiiive daaaayyyss. I didn't get as much packed as I was expecting to over the weekend (read: nothing packed) so I think it's going to be a long week. To be fair, last night I did sort out my underwear for the week and packed the surplus. So I guess I did do a little bit of packing!

Andrew and I may have fallen in love with a sofa, and I fell head over heels for a little square snuggle chair on saturday. They were in a store called Choice - this is basically a shop that sells Next castoffs at discount prices. This tends to mean that once something is gone, it's not going to be back in stock again. With that in mind, we totally bought them, our first bit of furniture bought together! I can't wait to arrange them in the house and sit on them!!

Now, I know that buying the sofa was a bit pre-emptive. Especially as this is a trial period in the house, however, we would have to buy a sofa at some point anyway soo...why not.

I have a To-Do list of sorts for this week, of all the things I can think of that I need to do before going, and the things I need to pack. Not entirely sure I'll get everything done, but I can give it a go!

[x] Pack Bras
[x] Pack Underwear
[x] Pack Socks
[ ] Clean hiking boots
[ ] Clear out boot of car
[ ] Back up laptop
[ ] Use bath stuff
[ ] Give away bath stuff
[ ] Take down photos
[ ] Pack clothes
[ ] Pack shoes
[ ] Pack pens
[ ] Pack paper
[ ] Pack notepads
[ ] Pack other stationary
[ ] Pack scrap book stuff
[ ] Pack tools
[ ] Pack measuring tape
[ ] Pack whiteboard
[ ] Pack whiteboard head
[ ] Pack calendar
[ ] Pack straighteners
[ ] Pack makeup
[ ] Pack HIMYM
[ ] Pack Big bang theory
[ ] Pack torch
[ ] Pack Nail varnish
[ ] Pack Nail cutters and files
[ ] Pack Onesies
[ ] Pack Clean eating recipe book    
[ ] Pack Hot water bottle
[ ] Pack TOTM stuff
[ ] Pack Laptop and charger
[ ] Pack Chargers
[ ] Pack Extension cables
[ ] Pack Tech book
[ ] Pack External hard drive
[ ] Pack protein
[ ] Pack Protein shaker
[ ] Pack Mugs
[ ] Pack documents folder
[ ] Pack car folder
[ ] Pack q & a journal

I'm certain I'll think of more things I need to pack or do, but that's my list so far!

Kind of wishing I had this week off work to get all of this done...