Friday, 30 January 2015

1 day to go!

I move out tomorrow.


Excited doesn't quite cover it! I am so looking forward to this, it's about time! I am a bit anxious about the money side of it, but I think we will be okay. We just need to really knuckle down and keep track of what we're spending...

A big part of me wants to go mad and decorate the whole house. The other, more logical, part of me says that would not be a good idea, as we are renting and therefore it is not practical to put a lot of money into it. Waaaaaa

My to do list feels like it keeps getting longer rather than smaller, and I definitely am bringing more stuff than I had anticipated...

[x] Pack Tech book
[x] Pack Nail cutters and files
[x] Pack makeup
[x] Pack workout clothes
[x] Pack straighteners
[x] Pack measuring tape
[x] Pack tools
[x] Pack shoes
[x] Use bath stuff
[x] Give away bath stuff
[x] Pack torch
[x] Pack other stationary
[x] Pack pens
[x] Pack car folder
[x] Pack Mugs
[x] Pack scrap book stuff
[x] Pack paper
[x] Pack notepads
[x] Pack workout DVDs
[x] Pack Clean eating recipe book
[x] Pack Big bang theory
[x] Pack HIMYM
[x] Pack whiteboard head
[x] Bras
[x] Underwear
[x] Socks
[ ] Clean hiking boots
[ ] Clear out boot of car
[ ] Back up laptop
[ ] Take down photos
[ ] Pack clothes
[ ] Pack whiteboard
[ ] Pack calendar
[ ] Pack Nail varnish
[ ] Pack Onesies
[ ] Pack Hot water bottle
[ ] Pack Laptop and charger
[ ] Pack Chargers
[ ] Pack Extension cables
[ ] Pack External hard drive
[ ] Pack protein
[ ] Pack Protein shaker
[ ] Pack documents folder
[ ] Pack q & a journal
[ ] Pack yoga mat
[ ] Pack weights
[ ] Buy washing detergent
[ ] kitchen Sink drainer
[ ] Buy Bins for rooms
[ ] Buy Cleaning products and sponges - dettol antibac wipes
[ ] Scissors - general

Waaaaa so much to do tonight and tomorrow morning!!!! I will definitely have to take some pics if my tiny car full of stuff to share on here...

Also, TGIF!