Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Step Forward

I have some pretty exciting news (exciting for me, at least). Me and MrBoop are moving out together at long last! As of 31st of January, we'll be in our own place.  However, for the first month it will be a trial period for us to decide if we want to live there...

A's Grandma is in a home, and her house is empty. So we have been discussing renting it with the rest of the family for some time. The trial period is to see if the location works for us commuting and if we like the area.

I'm so excited about this, I've been writing list after list in a notebook dedicated to this move!!! We decided on the definitive move in date two days ago, and now we have a short amount of time to pack up what we'll need...ETA 9 days and counting!

It's quite hard to consider all of the things I'll need for a month of living somewhere. (Hence the copious amount of lists...). Obviously we wont want to bring everything there until we're sure about staying, so what do you bring with you?