Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Becky 0 - 1 Antibiotics

I have Tonsillitis :( waaaaa

Last week I was feeling really headachey and was having hot flushes. I also lost my voice a little bit - though at the time I put this down to talking a lot as I was training the newest member of the team at work. By Friday I was feeling quite rough, sore throat and was feverish in the evening.

Then it was time for the weekend! Saturday was a bit of a busy one, lots of driving on my part. By the evening I was lacking in energy, having headaches and had a sore, swollen throat. Sunday I was convinced I had Tonsillitis and was feeling t e r r i b l e

Monday I didn't go into work, and had a big ladeedah trying to get a doctors appointment last minute. So much effort. I called my local docs repeatedly all morning, couldn't get through. Decided to go to the walk in clinic, but my car battery was dead. Of all the days for it to die... I enlisted the help of a neighbour to jumpstart me (dead battery) and my jumpleads melted and shorted out. car for me. So much for going to the walk in clinic. I was preparing to get the bus into town, and decided to try my local doctors one more time, and finally got through. I was told there was an appointment, but basically I hadn't re-registered at my local doctors surgery since I moved home from uni over a year ago, so I had to go and sort that out before they could actually book me in. Got up to the surgery, filled out the forms blahblahblah, finally got in to see the doctor!

After all that, I was prescribed antibiotics for the tonsillitis. I'm allergic to penicillin, so I have been given a different kind of antibiotic - Erythromycin - and told that a common side effect of it is sickness. JOY. I've been on antibiotics one other time, and they made me really sicks, stomach cramps and vomiting kind of sick. I have a feeling these are the same ones...

Lo and behold, Tuesday evening I saw my dinner for the second time as it came back up. Now I'm not sure if I feel crap because of the pills, or because of the tonsillitis. I'm also not sure if I should go back into work or not - I don't want to pass this onto anyone else, and I also don't want to vomit and be uncomfortable while there and away form home. On the other side, I hate being away from work because of illness and putting more stress on the team by them being a man down. So frustrating!!