Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Work-Related Jargon

I like my job.

It's based in London, and the people are all great, and I'm gaining some good experience. The commute is a bit of a pain at times, but at other times it's great because I can read uninterrupted for an hour! Additional to reading time, once I procure a tablet I can catch up on the monumental list of TV programs I need to watch! (I will list these at another time!) I could, of course, use my laptop. However I don't fancy carrying this around with me!

Another (debatable) good thing about work is the weekly food shop. yay for free food! We order food for the office, which generally consists of tea, coffee, bagels, alcohol and biscuits. (and various breakfast & luncheon items). Now, I love biscuits. I could eat a whole packet to myself very easily. Can you spot the problem? 

I have no willpower. At all. This is why I'm fat.

So having biscuits just sitting in the kitchen is not helping! I'm not eating packets of them (obviously-that would squander the office's biscuit supply!) but it is still so unbelievably tempting to eat them. Om Nom Nom. To avoid the biscuits I am attempting to eat fruit to fill me up. This doesn't always work, as when I am waiting for my lunch to finish cooking/toasting/whatnot I reach for the biccys out of boredom & hunger!

Such a derp-head.

I will never fit into any of my old wardrobe at this rate...