Thursday, 28 November 2013


I recently decided to give up a favorite food each month. I have a friend who does this, and I thought it was a good idea, so now im doing it too!

This month I have given up chocolate (until Christmas). I created a table with what I was giving up each month, and my goal weight for that month. I haven't been finding this too difficult so far, however I havent come across any cravings for it thus so far. Apart from wanting a cookie from subway, but only because I saw them when buying my other half's dinner.

I think this will become more difficult as time goes by, especially in the run up to Christmas. Speaking of which, my boyfriend has akready bought chocolate to go in my advent calender. DILEMMA. I need to decide if im allowed to have them or it I have to save them up until Christmas... (Clearly I didn't think this through when deciding chocolate was this month!)