Sunday, 3 November 2013

5:2 aka the fast diet

I watched a documentary about fasting a while ago, and the health benefits it has. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I did attempt it for a little while.  (It didn't exactly last long though!)

I've seen some more stuff about this diet since, and know of a couple of people who lost some weight through doing this as well as clean eating. 

I'm thinking about trying this again and I've been looking on message boards on  MyFitnessPal to see the opinions of people who are already doing it and what they have experienced. The general consensus seems to be that as well as being a calorie deficit, it also puts the body into rejuvenation mode, which rests the digestive system and assists in your body's recovery.

I think this diet plan can work, as long as people don't take it to extremes-by either going mad on the normal days by overeating, or severely under eating as well as fasting 2 days.

I think I will stay doing this as of tomorrow, and see how it goes.  And really try to stick to it!