Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Well. The storm sure made life interesting yesterday. Got up for work, left the house, almost blew over. Went a bit further up the road, a huge gust blew so I turned my back to it, and was pelted with stones. Got further a long, another gust of wind blew bits of tree into my eyeballs. Literally could not see! Super watery eyes and everything.

Finally got to the bus stop, and later arrived at the train station. Walked into the station, and there's staff standing in front of the barriers, and people milling about. All the trains were cancelled! Ended up waiting around for 2 hours in the vain hope that the trains would get going again. As you may be able to predict, they didn't.

So I trudge back home to work from there in a limited capacity, checking the trains periodically. They weren't running until after 1pm, by that point it was not worth me going to work!

Despite being a huge pain, this did give me the chance to get through some of my old emails and catch up on a couple of things. And my sister made lunch for me! So it wasn't all bad ;)