Sunday, 6 October 2013


I finally got around to organising my clothes into sizes! I thought there would be more size 16's, turns out I have more size 14's! Now when I get to those sizes I can just open up the bags and be like, 'Oh heyyy new clothes!' 

Very Exciting. Graduation and Grad Ball are looming, and I need outfits to wear for it - I did want to buy new dresses for them, then I decided on only needed a new dress for one. Now, I am re-wearing another dress for Grad Ball and wearing smart clothes for Graduation. Ohwell! No point in buying millions of new clothes when I don't need to...

I've set myself weigh rewards, so when I hit a particular weight I am allowed a treat - e.g. Get below 220 pounds, rewarded with a pasty / milkshake / chips. the ultimate reward IS TO BUY MYSELF A WHOLE NEW OUTFIT! Exciting... I'm hoping this will help me to avoid those foods until I hit the goal and can have it as a treat, otherwise it won't be a treat at all!

I'm sure there are more clothes hidden away in the boxes I've yet to unpack, but I think it's more socks and swimming costumes...Need to get on that and finish the unpacking! So close to finishing it!