Thursday, 12 December 2013

Commutting vs Moving

Why am I doing this? It's still nighttime outside! Utter darkness! Today feels worse than all other days because I'm staying work am hour early so I can make it home in time for my sister's school Christmas concert. Thanks a bunch, sis.
I do actually know why I'm doing this. To get to my job. Which I love (but sometimes don't). To earn money, so I can actually afford my train and bus fare to work, and rent. All of which make half my pay disappear monthly. I don't actually mind paying my parents rent, I'm just whining about money! A lot of the time I think I may as well be living in London and paying rent there. Ergo avoiding the stress of delayed trains when commuting from a distance.
However, (there's always one of those lurking somewhere) it would mean more living expenses of I were to do that. Bills, council tax, food, blah blah... These added on outweigh the cost of living at home significantly. Unless I flatshare/houseshare, which would be difficult if living with strangers, as I would have a frequent visiting boyfriend. Awkward.
I think this will take lots of deep thinking and list-making. And talking to people. Especially the important ones like boyfriend and parents.
Why can't I have teleportation powers?