Monday, 30 December 2013

My Christmas

I've seen lots of blogging about Christmas routines and whatnot, so I figured why not!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is my sister's birthday. We always try to make it special for her, so she doesn't get over-shadowed by Christmas too much! We do her presents in the morning, then spend the day playing with/using them. This year her main present was a blue violin, which she was extremely pleased with! Consequently we spent the day learning to play it! Later on she had her choice of take away-Chinese. In previous years we would go to the panto, but as sisterbell got older and tickets harder to get, we stopped going. (Which is a shame as I love a bit of panto!) in the evening we have family movie time, which is usually a new film on Filmflex that none of has seen yet. And, of course, this is accompanied by nibbles!

Christmas Day
Christmas morning I get woken up by my sister super early. It's a Christmas tradition from when we were all really small to open our stockings together. We used to do this with our parents as well, but as we got a bit older me and my siblings convene in one of our bedrooms and do it (so my parents can sleep for a little bit longer!!). My brother doesn't do this with us anymore (he prefers sleeping too) so it's just K and me. As we share a bedroom I don't get a choice in the matter! Once this is done, We sneak downstairs to see what Santa has brought during the night, and make tea to wake up the parentals with. usually. This year K couldn't wait so she went to wake them up before going downstairs. This year we did presents before breakfast, K passed the pressies out and we watched each other open them. then we had a lovely continental breakfast. Super yum! 

During the day we explore our presents and use/play with them, and pop on some Christmas TV or films. I also help with the Christmas dinner (sometimes!). Christmas dinner kicks off with crackers, jokes and paper hats. Then we eat to our hearts content! Afterwards we clean up, and have some yummy dessert-this year it was chocolate Birthday cake! One of my favorite Christmas things is having cheese and biscuits with my Dad. It's something we only ever do at Christmas, and I'm a huge cheese lover. 

In the evening it's time for boards games and movies, usually another new movie from Filmflex! with, of course, lots of nibbles! 

That more or less rounds off my christmas. It may not sound like much, but I love it all the same! 

P.S. I was very lucky to receive some lovely pressies this year. I got LOTS of socks I love socks, I don't know why ; a dress, top, chocolate, bath  fizzers, a photo calendar, a photo coaster, money, a necklace, makeup, more chocolate...the list goes on. 

I had a lovely Christmas and received some lovely gifts, and I am looking forward to next Christmas already!!