Saturday, 28 December 2013

Driving Time!

Had a driving lesson today (woo).

I always envisioned myself already driving by this point, but alas, it has not happened. Circumstances delayed me from passing, the main one is lack of funding!

I did lessons about 3-4 years ago, then stopped to go to uni, then halfway through uni I did some more lessons, then stopped because I couldn't afford it. THEN when uni finished I did my theory test (and passed), which brings us to now, when I am finally on the home stretch towards doing my practical test.

The plan is, aim to pass by the end of February, then save up for my insurance, and then insure self on car (provided by Mum when she gets a new one), and be a driver thereafter. Once this happens, I'll be the proud owner of Tullulah, the Nissan Micra.

Happy Days!

If it all goes to plan.

Which it will...