Friday, 21 March 2014

The Place That Made My Head Explode

I am of course referring to the Harry Potter Studios in London.

Warning! Spoiler alert. Do not read ahead if you haven't been and are planning to go!

For my birthday Mr boyfriend procured tickets for us to go there, accompanied by my bestie miss Roanrider and her dashing other half. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to this. It's beyond words.

Oh, and did I mention it was also animal actors week?

The first thing we did was explore the gift shop. I was spoilt by everyone and received a super snuggly Ravenclaw hoodie, a HP tshirt, and a Deathly Hallows keyring. Thank you, you guys are the best

Where it all began...

When we went in, you go into a room and watch a video, and the staff interact with you and give out birthday badges (of course I HAD to have it). Then you move into another room that is like a cinema, and Pips dragged us to the front row (her and Mr M had been before so knew what to expect). I am so glad they did. Long story short-and this is a SUPER SPOILER ALERT-after watching a short film with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint stood in front of the great Hall doors introducing the studio tour, the screen raises and reveals the real doors to the Great Hall!!! Aaaaaaah I nearly cried it was so awesome!! And it gets better, being in the front row and wearing a birthday badge, I was picked to open the doors. Yepp. Me. Out of a group of approx 40 people, I got to open the doors to the Great Hall! And they really do open into the great Hall. I was so happy, you have no idea. Even thinking about it now makes me unbelievably happy! I am in no way like a small child in describing this...

Don't They Look Glorious?

The Harry potter studio tour is spread over 2 studios, with an outside part between the two. (This is where the Butterbeer lives!) Seeing all of the costumes, sets, special effects and props was really surreal. I felt like I wanted to touch everything and see how it all worked, but at the same time hide it away so the magic wasn't ruined...

The animals were adorable, we saw Mrs Norris, Trevor, a baby Fang, Tarantula, the spuders Mad Eye uses in his DADA class, a hedgehog, the snake that Nagini was based on (a beautiful albino python), Crookshanks and a baby Crookshanks, and last but certainly not least, Hedwig.

The Butterbeer was loooovely. Though if you are not fond of sweet things I do not suggest having it...It's like cream soda, caramel sauce and foam. To be perfectly honest, it's not exactly what I imagined it to be when reading the books, but it was still yummy nonetheless!

I really enjoyed wandering around looking at everything, and going more than a little snap crazy... and I would recommend going to any HP fan. I could literally ramble on forever about this trip, but I had better stop myself now before it's too late...

But before I go...Oh my god...the last part of the tour...I was literally speechless. I had no words. I teared up yet again. I just...I cant even explain, you'll have to go there to see but 

More pictures! I'm trying to refrain from posting all of them...there are a lot.

More than a little creepy, but so amazing!

Thanks for reading :) x

P.S. I know some of my pictures aren't amazing, however I don't want to post too much incase one of you lovely readers ends up going!