Monday, 3 March 2014

A weekend away

Good eveningggg
The weekend of the 23rd Feb me and my family drove down to Newquay, Cornwall. For those who don't know, (or those who have been living under a rock sheltering from the storms)  Cornwall was hit quite badly with the stormy weather. We got to see some of the damage firsthand as we explored the shoreline.
The first night we drove out to the headland, and watched the Atlantic smash against the cliffs. What a sight. It was dark, and the waves looked really dramatic. It soon started to rain, so we scurried back to the car and went back to our hotel. The next morning (Saturday) we originally wanted to go for a long beach walk, however due to the tide being in at 9am that wasn't really an option anymore. Unless we went at 3am when the tide was out... so instead, we went back out to the headland and explored there instead. We also went down to towan beach layer in the morning and saw some of the storm damage. Incedentaly, the headland hotel is located here on the clifftop, this is where Roald Dahl's The Witches was filmed. (You know the one, ugly ladies and children being turned into mice). You can see it in a couple of my pics. 
Later that day we visited my aunt and uncle, whom I hadn't seen for a very long time. This was a lovely way to spend the weekend, and we headed home on Sunday. However, the parentals were kind enough to drop me of at HARRY POTTER STUDIOS on the way back. I will write about this shortly! For now, here's some pics to enjoy.