Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hair Chronicles, Vol #3

Volume #1 and Volume #2 here!

Welcome back to the third (and final?) instalment of my Hair Chronicles! Yaaaay

To remind you, at the end of 2012 I saw the new year creep in with pink hair. I was in a colourful stage...
EDIT: This is the second time I am writing this post as I lost everything. even though I clicked 'save' twice to make sure I had it all...

2013 - Taste the Rainbow

As you know I saw 2013 in with pink hair. This faded (or did I use ColourB4 - I have no idea!) then I decided to go bright orange...

Yes, I am dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland...happy 21st to me! 

I must have then used ColourB4 on my hair because it wasn't long before I was back to blonde, and had a risque haircut - it was rather short at the back.
This brings us to the end of Feb...Oh and I put purple into my hair too (Right pic)
My rapid colour changes did not go unnoticed, and I was publicly challenged (on Facebook) to do rainbow hair.

Several hours and 7 pots of dye led me to this...
It was magnificent. I l o v e d having rainbow hair. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I was working on a project at uni that required non-crazy natural hair. Time for another box of ColourB4...

Nailed it.
Totally natural.

After all of the bleaching, dying and stripping, my hair was...understandably dead. Again. So i took a big leap and had a hair cut. I have never had hair so short!
Yes, that is my natural hair colour on the roots of the left picture.
I wasn't a fan of the rooty blond look, so I dyed it brown while it grew out again (we're up to May).

These are July to September, where I must have had a haircut. the hair is looking much healthier, and it has stayed one colour since May!

I had another haircut for my graduation in October. You may have also noticed some purple has snuck into the front of my hair...and yes, this included having to bleach the front...

There we are, bleached front on the left. I dyed my hair dark purple just in time to see in the new year.

Ummm this post is rather long with all of the colour changes...so I'm afraid 2014 will have to wait for another post!

Has anyone else undertaken a crazy hair challenge? Or is that just me?