Thursday, 6 November 2014

Writing Process Tag

Writing process? What even IS that?

I kid. Mostly.

A lot of my posts are very spontaneous, and a lot also come into being while I'm out and about. This can lead to sporadic rambling posts, and short, swift ones. This makes explaining my process-in depth-quite difficult, so I'm going to nab the questions that Somdyuti from One Tiny Wish answered for her post (in which I was tagged - thank you for thinking of me!).

What am I Working On?

Not very much outside of this blog and my health and fitness blog to be honest. Unless emails count! I've been enjoying writing on here and over on, and recently I have been thinking about writing more. This has lead me to jot down a couple of ideas and whatnot when inspiration strikes, but nothing has come of those yet. Who knows what could develop in future...

How Does My Work Differ From Others of its Genre?

Well, first and foremost it is a blog about my lifestyle, thoughts and opinions. These are all quite individual to me, so are not likely to be echoed in quite the same way. Despite there being tons of lifestyle bloggers around, everyone still has very different opinions and writing styles.

Why Do I Write?

Because I enjoy it. 
I like doing it, it has become a hobby to post on here. In a way it takes courage to put yourself out there and post online, and I like thinking that maybe I can reach out to someone through writing. Both are good feelings. It's also enjoyable when people interact with me because of what I have said, or the opinions I have. I find it cathartic to word vomit onto a page whatever is going through my mind at the time. It is quite cleansing!

How Does My Writing Process Work?

Slapdash something together and hope for the best! No, I do plan things as well. 
I have a list of blog ideas, which I regularly jot things down on to look at on a later date. I look through these regularly, and will draft up a post or two that I feel inspiration for or wish to develop further.

Then I write what comes to mind, often with little asides and comments from myself - usually I leave these in as italicised comments, but not always.

Once I  have something, I think about an image for it - this will depend on what the post is about, and where I am writing it. If I am writing it on my phone on the move (commuting or otherwise away form my laptop) I am less likely to use images because I'm lazy...

All of my posts are very organic, and don't require much planning. Maybe that shows in the rambling quality of my posts? I 've no idea. I don't spend hours editing posts (unless there's a lot of images to dig out e.g. Hair Chronicles) though I will absolutely, always, without a doubt, check for spelling mistakes, grammar misuse and parts that just don't make reading sense. I'm not saying I'm perfect on this front, but I do try to make sure my posts are readable.

Upon completion of all of this, I then think of a few labels and go ahead with posting. Then you - readers - come along and devour and judge my words, flittering back off into the blogosphere when you are finished. Enjoy!

Bloggers, I choose you!

Congratulations. Grab the questions and get writing...
I look forward to reading your posts!

P.S. I have tomorrow off work and now I feel EPIC. Enjoy your fridays!