Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dear Robin Williams, Thank you for the laughter.

I woke up to the sad news that Robin Williams had passed away. After the initial shock, I immediately saw snippets of the films that were-and still are-favorites from my childhood run through my head. RW is in all of them. Hook, Mrs Doubtfire, Flubber, Aladdin-just to name a few. 

I feel really sad about this, and feel that he is a great loss to the film world. I feel sad that someone who brought laughter and happiness to so many people, could have been so unhappy himself. Robin Williams brought laughter to many people through both his work in film, and as a comedian. He also brought me-and countless others-childhood delight and a belief in fairies.

My thoughts go out to his family, this must be very difficult for them. I wonder if knowing that he will be missed and grieved for by countless others is a comfort to them.  I hope so.

I love the characters I saw RW play, and that transfers to Robin Williams himself, simply for playing them. He has always been one of my favourite actors.

I feel like a part of my childhood is gone forever, but Robin will be remembered through his beloved characters.

"Goodbye, Peter..."

EDIT: Apologies for the choppy disjointed writing. I'm more upset that I thought I would be, I don't really know what I wanted to say, but I wanted to write about it.