Friday, 4 July 2014

TGIF! Why I love Fridays...

Ahh Friday. Another week is drawing to a close, and the work day doesn't seem so hard today.

Of course, that's usually because there's the option of leaving at 4.30 instead of 6! Not to mention beer o'clock, and themed playlists (this week's theme is running). There's also lunching with the work girls which is always a nice break! Days like today (Fridays) make me like my job that little bit more after enduring a week of stress. Furthermore, the prospect of the weekend being upon us is always a good thing!

This weekend (actually, directly after work) I am off to Roan-land to see a plethora of wonderful crazies. (I meant to write creatures, but my phone auto corrected to crazies...Oh well, it's fitting!) Mandrew and I are traveling down to see Pip and Maxx, and her furry friends-goosehounds, snufflepods, and Mr Biff. Also, we're heading out to a zoo to see a whole host of other furry-or otherwise-animals. Woooo!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend!

Fridays are always a good day, high spirits all around!  But today is an especially good day.

Happy Friday!