Friday, 25 January 2013


Swimming costumes are so unattractive unless you are in good shape.

Whenever I wear my swimming costumes I feel like a heffalump, and definitely just focus on all the lumps and bumps that are in the wrong places. Sometimes I think you may as well swim naked because you see your whole shape through them anyway! (Having said that, I am glad people don't swim naked. Inappropriate much?) I think it makes getting yourself to the pool that much harder because you don't feel comfortable.

They're marketed as either athletic, or sexy. They look good in the pictures-on the models-then when you buy it and put it on for the first time, you expect to be transformed into either a beach babe, or an athlete. Thought process: 'that looks good, if I buy this I'll look like that!' That doesn't happen! But we fall for it every time. I say we, I mean me, and hope that I'm not the only one.

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