Tuesday, 10 February 2015

23 Things About Moving Out

Andrew and I moved out on the 31st January, it's been 10 days and things are going well. Sooo with me being me, I made a list of things I've learnt so far about about moving out...
Also, I may be jumping on the blog list bandwagon a little bit. Oops.

Here we go...
  1. Moving out is exciting.
  2. You realise how much stuff you actually own.
  3. Packing is hard work.
  4. It makes you think about all the clothes you never wear.
  5. You start to think about how you're going to survive after moving away from where you have lived all your life. 
  6. Seriously. So. Much. Stuff.
  7. Where do boxes even come from? And why are they so expensive??
  8. Moving in is messy.
  9. It takes forever to unpack.
  10. It's awesome to finally move out with your long term partner
  11. Living with one other person, who works odd shifts means you are in the house all alone sometimes...which isn't always that fun.
  12. Housework is harder than it looks
  13. It takes a long time to heat up a house
  14. ALL the stuff.
  15. Unpacking takes forever. I haven't even moved all of my stuff here yet and I have still been unable to unpack a small portion of my things.
  16. Moving out is expensive.
  17. There are always a million things to do around the house, and millions of lists to go with them
  18. Living with people at uni is not like living with your boyfriend full time.
  19. It's really nice to come home to your boyfriend and spend some time hanging out.
  20. Finding homes for all your things is both laborious and a little bit fun.
  21. Moving a sofa through a small door, and around into another small door is quite difficult.
  22. Compromise. Get used to doing it fast.
  23. Running a household is a very 'adult' thing, but when it comes down to it, you still feel like a kid playing house from time to time.
Voila, a list for you to feast your eyes upon!