Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pain. So. Much. Pain.

Yesterday afternoon I was driving myself and my sister to town to pick up a couple of sporting bits and bobs-she needed running gear, I needed a cycling helmet. I pulled into the shopping centre car park and  spotted a large space to pull into. There were cars behind me who had to stop while I (badly) manoeuvred into the space. Let's bear in mind that I only passed my driving test in July and have not had a lot of practice. In my rush to get into the space, when readjusting I turned my head very quickly from looking right, to look behind my left shoulder. As I did this I heard popping & clicking sounds and felt an immense amount of pain up the back of my neck, on the right hand side.
I have cricked my neck countless times before, but never like this. I felt completely incapacitated. Every movement was agony and sent my neck into spasm. Imagine getting a really bad muscular cramp, but more painful and on your neck. Every time you move. My bewildered sister had no idea what to do...neither did I to be honest.
I sat and waited for the pain to diminish, but it didn't make much difference. It just ensured I had got past the initial pain shock so it was a slightly more manageable level. I use the word 'slightly' in the loosest sense. Headed down to the shops and first stop was for painkillers galore and deep heat spray. Nurse Sisterbell helped to administer pills and deep heat. I decided to trudge onwards to get the shopping intended done, though I decided against loading up on cycling gear.
Once we were done we headed back to the car, where I was unable to do much more that sit in the driver seat. There was no way for my parents to come pick us up as I was the one who had the car which we were all sharing; and my brother was at work with his car. Quite the predicament.
After having a cry and a handful of spasms later, I decided to bite the bullet and get me and Sisterbell home. It was really hard work, and sis had to basically be my left and right eyes. Roundabouts were certainly a challenge. Eventually made it home, where I've been wearing an airplane pillow as a neck brace ever since.
Popped into A&E today and was prescribed some strong painkillers and anti-spasm pills which I can take alongside paracetamol and ibuprofen. So far they don't seem to be helping much as I'm unable to lie down to attempt to sleep. I hate this so much.